Rumor: A Pair of LG Handsets on Deck for Verizon


One handset manufacturer who has been relatively silent here in the US is LG.  Of all of the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance, their Android plans have remained the most secretive.  Although we’ve yet to see to see a handset here in the states, that may be changing soon.

According to AndroidRelease,  LG is prepping two handsets for Verizon over the next few months.  Their source says that one device feature a physical QWERTY keyboard while the other will be a touch only unit a la Droid Eris.  So far, the only handsets we’ve seen out of LG have been slideout QWERTY models like the GW620.  Hopefully, LG and/or Verizon make some official announcement at Mobile World Congress.

  • Jim

    Had an Android since it came out, brst phone I have ever had. But a one way blue tooyh, I have talked to Verizon and Mortorola, say thet are tring to come up with a fix. While driving can get a call thru my blue tooyh, but have to pull over and manuall send a call, then you hear it in the blue tooyh.Not at all convenient on the road.

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