Opinions From an Apple & Google Fanboy

There has been plenty of spilled ink (and pixels) surrounding products released over the past few years by Google and Apple with both putting   out game changers or a iWhatever killers.  A perceived rift may be becoming a reality.  As both an Apple and Google fanboy, I am saddened by a situation that doesn’t seem as if it will ever get better.

I really like what both companies are doing even if they have their respective issues.  Nobody is perfect. I will list a few of the things I like and don’t, you can perfectly disagree with the following statements and share your point of view in a comment.

  • Apple has a great OS: Mac OS X. It can be simple if you don’t want to know how it works but you can also have access to Terminal and the power of Unix.
  • Google has a great email service: Either Gmail or with Google Apps (only online and not through pop3 or imap on a client). I think this is the next step of evolution for email: huge storage accessible whatever device you are using, labels and not folders, powerful search.
  • Apple is controlling: Apple, or maybe just Steve Jobs, think they know exactly what consumers want and what they don’t need. Apparently, we don’t need Blu-ray drive in high-end computers or camera on a tablet.
  • Google is slow: Like any large companies, everything takes time. They have to evaluate everything and this process take time. Sometime I wish they change things as fast as they can give search results. When will we be able to buy Android apps in more countries?

However they share a lots and worked together in the past. Google is still providing web search and maps for Apple products and even if Apple would like to change the situation, it will not be easy and quick.

Now, how can someone can be both an Apple and Google fans. The logic would say that if you own a Mac computer, you will own an iPhone. If you compare Android OS and Mac OS X they have tons of similarity:

-Menu bar in OS X and Notification Bar in Android: You’ll get the time here, your network status, battery status… all in the same place.

-Dock and Slider bar: These are very similar concept, you click or drag and you will see icons of all your apps.

-Terminal/root: On both systems you can use the stock interface as it is or you can customize and improve it. I have Path Finder to replace the Finder on my Mac and a MoDaCo ROM on my HTC Hero.

WebKit: Safari on OS X and Android browser are based on the same open source engine used to render web pages.

I could add few more but the point is that Mac OS X and Android have a lot more in commun than Mac OS X and the iPhone (or iPad to be trendy). So, for an Apple/Google fanboy the logical choice is to own an Android phone that you will be able to use like you are using you Mac OS X computer. Would you agree?

  • oceancalm

    Erm gmail does support imap, just mentioning you know…

    • format

      He means the web interface facilitates the awesome email experience, localized email clients can exclude or truncate the featureset of the web interface in many ways.

      • Yes, this is what I mean. You can use Google email platform with a client on your computer but you are missing a lot compare to the web interface… IMHO.

  • StevO

    When I hear the word google, I think of a plain ol page with a search bar that can answer my questions and return my query. When I hear of apple, I think of iphone, number munchers, and macbook air. These two companies are different, the only way they are the same is the way they bring their products to us. No matter what phone or OS that comes out, it will be considered a killer. windows killer, apple killer, phone killer, tablet killer. The media keeps shaking things up like this. This is how we get fanboys, who beleive almost every review. Sometimes reviews are pretty much bias and sorry to say, paid for. If there was gonna be any type of killer gadget it will have to be a single device that does everything you can imagine at a lower price than its competition. IMO.

  • david

    Sorry to disagree….One can have their cake and eat it too!!!!!!!!!!

    Ubuntu and Android vs. MAC and Android….Best of both world plus $$$$$ saved as open source is….

    Apple has become MS sad to say, both act as parents to 3 yr olds vs. community and adult respect

  • I am both an apple and google fan myself. I was already thinking that the tablet was going to be a deal breaker for me. I figured it was going to be a giant iPhone, which is not one of apples phenomenon i subscribe too. Im not a fan of the ipods closed system, and i hope that it never infects OSX and i will gladly keep Apple in the home. That said i love Android it will be my mobile platform of choice from hear on out. I hope to see some great tablets soon that will make iPads look awful.

    BTW Apple hasn't become MS, they became Sony. And i feel Google is more like MS, and that isnt a bad thing.

  • Adam

    I like Apple and Android as well. I own a macbook while my phone of choice is a Droid, originally a G1. I have to say the one thing that really annoys me is that everyone knocks companies for making money. Does Apple charge for everything under the sun in exorbitant amounts, yes they can but they are running a business. It is sad how in todays world those that are rich or a company that does well are so trash talked simply b/c they make money hand over fist. That use to be the American dream until it was corrupted.

    Do companies need to cheat us? No but they need to make vast revenues for the shareholders to keep saying ok to new endeavors. I liked the article and agree to it. The iPhone really does need Flash and Multitasking though before I would ever consider it. Oddly though my Droid is now what I use for everything from Music to GPS.

  • PulSamsara

    Google is more like the beach. Apple is like a sandbox – a really nicely designed sandbox – but HEY! don't go outside the sandbox kiddies. Now… now…

  • j.read

    Interesting reading guys. I own a g1 and currently await the arrival of the droid in the U.K (if not ill make do with the ‘shadow’). Android in general is a real eye opener for me, like ubuntu its open source. Apple on the other hand seems to give me the impression of being a ‘captive’ in its closed system, fair enough I know people with jailbroken iphones and I’ve messed about with android products but nothing gives me more joy than looking at the innovation of android.

  • Jesse

    Come on, it's a stretch to say MacOS X has more in common with Android than with iPhone.

    Notification bar on top with time and network/battery status? iPhone has that.
    Grid of icons representing apps? iPhone has that. It even has a dock-like background at the bottom.
    WebKit based browser? iPhone has that. It's even called Safari, just like on the Mac.

    Customization is a valid point where Android comes closer, but that's hardly a feature that sets Macs apart anyway. (So what if you can replace Finder? Windows has had shell replacements since at least the 3.x days.) If you want to see what a customizable desktop really means, look at Linux.

    • I know that you can find common features between Android and Windows (no status bar at the top though :-))/Linux but the point of the post is more to say that for someone who is using a Mac everyday, there are alternative to the iphone and in this case Android is the best option (rather than RIM, Windows Mobile, Nokia…).
      It is only to be seen as a Google vs Apple point of view.

  • sandifop

    I like the article overall and wish more authors would compare rather than rant. The author asked for validation at the end where none is needed or, really, possible but, otherwise …

    Just my impression: Google has made its fortune by being imprecise. This has worked in web search where something close to your search term may be what you are looking for; however, it is less successful when you are using a maps application (and told to go 12 miles North in order to go South).

    Android is fertile ground for someone who enjoys a developing landscape where iPhone OS is more akin to a finished product that either compliments your usage needs or misses completely. The entire discourse placing one "over" another should only be used to enlightened consumer so he/she can better select the device that best meets their needs. I appreciate when an author avoids using the discussion as a soapbox to deride a capitalist enterprise model.

    • Thank you.
      I would not… I like capitalisme! 🙂

  • Kyle Pozan

    I think you neglected to mention an important characteristic of both companies.

    Google, and Android phones, are pushed out every few months. Soon after the Droid was released, Google neglects the Droid and begins pushing the Nexus One. Google supposedly worked closely with Motorola on the Droid, and is currently working on the next “Google Phone” with Motorola, and not HTC.

    Apple, on the other hand, allows consumers to get the most out of their products. For example, Apple released a new phone once every year. This gives consumers piece of mind. When you purchase the iPhone in July, you know that your phone will be the newest and best Apple has to offer for an entire year. If I was a Droid owner, I would have been pretty unhappy to learnt that the Nexus One would be released on Verizon in March. As a Hero owner, I truly wish I would have waited two months because doing so would have allowed me to choose between the Droid and the Nexus One.

    Apple also takes this approach with its computers. Therefore, instead of deciding not to purchase a computer because a newer, better model will soon be released, people purchase Apple computers when they want one because they know the design will be in production for a significant period of time.

    This, in my opinion, is an important difference between the strategies of these two companies.

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