Must Have Geek Goodies – 3″ Vinyl Android Figures

Well, I know what I’m going to have decorating my desk and office as soon as possible.  Check out the Android mini collectibles from Dyzplastic and Andrew Bell.  Kicking of with a set of 12 design, these 3″ vinyl Android figures come in individual blind boxes.  Buy a few and see who or what you get!  You can also grab a case of 16 to see if you have a complete set.  Oh, there are some super rare chase editions as well!

These guys go on sale later this month with pricing to be determined.  I have a feeling that these Android guys will become quite an addiction for myself and a few other folks I know.  Will they be your new Pokemon?

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  1. Barry
    February 02, 14:24 Reply

    Regardless of price I will have some of these

  2. JohnnyBGood
    February 02, 14:31 Reply

    Where can I get a case of these?
    I am a sucker for little figures like this – normally Japanese RPGs are my inspiration but these will do just fine.

  3. DisKO
    February 02, 14:32 Reply

    Yay something else completely useless to spend my money on! They're ALMOST as cute as mudkipz…

  4. Jordan
    February 02, 15:12 Reply

    I wish their site had an "Alert when available button"

  5. Philip
    February 02, 17:02 Reply

    Will be moving my Super Mario figures for these guys LOL

  6. apascua61
    February 02, 21:27 Reply

    **Copying link and sending to my girlfriend…**

  7. Anartic
    February 03, 07:45 Reply

    It took them a year to finally release the action figures, I might get a whole case if it's cheapp.

  8. OrganizedFellow
    February 04, 05:26 Reply

    I am getting a of these, as well as a few more to sell to fellow Android buddies!

  9. Proud AndroidOwner
    February 12, 21:52 Reply

    where will these fucking damn super awsome figures be relased? Google shop or what??

  10. Mutia
    June 15, 04:49 Reply

    love the android mascot so much.. he is really cute,,

  11. Titanium Jewellery
    January 24, 20:59 Reply

    It took them a year to finally release the action figures, I might get a whole case if it’s cheap.

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