Google Announces Synchronized Starring and Personalized Suggestions For (You Guessed It) Android

This is the kind of preferential treatment we’ve been hoping for since Android was announced.  Google just announced a pair of new features that help blur the lines between your PC and Android experience. Using your Google account, users can now pull up previous searches and starred/favorite places in the latest version of Google Maps. More specifically, you can pull up a search on your Android device that was initially done on a computer. Did you save a few local hot spots in Google Maps while on the laptop this morning? Bring ’em up on your (insert Android phone) tonight!

Both of these features are available in Google Maps 3.4. The brand new Nexus One update going out this week will already bake in the new version. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait a bit until it’s rolled out in the Android Market. We can’t wait to see where they go with these features and especially how Latitude gets integrated!

  • kcx

    Who cares. I can't delete searches or layers. I can't route with multiple stops or use vias. I can't navigate in 2D. And I desperately need a dark night mode.
    Voice navigation to contact addresses would also be nice.

    • latin1

      it's free, stop your bitching.

    • Daniel

      Navigation in Maps 3.4 has a night mode.

  • Installed 2.1update-1 manually, works great.
    Nice work Google!