Canadian LG Eve to Make the Jump to Android 1.6

According to various sources, including LG Canada themselves, the LG Eve will be receiving an upgrade to Android version 1.6. It is only so long before version 1.5(Cupcake) is no longer on any device which really goes to prove how quickly Android is progressing.

Unfortunately this update will not be an OTA(Over-the-air) update, but rather like HTC Dream and Magic customers had to recently do, LG Eve owners will have to acquire the update from the Rogers website. LG has given a rough estimate that it will be released sometime this Spring. Looks like most Rogers Android owners (ie Dream, Magic) now have an update to look forward to in the upcoming months.

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  1. Ratnok
    February 03, 13:11 Reply

    1.6- Wow. Amazing. Old technology. Where is the 2.1???? 1.6 was TWO versions ago!

  2. several
    February 03, 20:43 Reply

    "It is only so long before version 1.5(Cupcake) is no longer on any device which really goes to prove how quickly Android is progressing."

    Somebody better tell Samsung to get on the ball then. Behold II is still on Cupcake (1.5) with neither Samsung nor T-Mobile able to give any information about when or if an update will ever come to the Behold II.

    • stef
      May 17, 14:42 Reply

      i cant wait for update any news on the date?? will it come out after the lg comes out with lg ally?? is it delayed?

  3. Anne
    June 25, 20:56 Reply

    From a user on another site with regards to the update: "It's delayed until September, I received an email from LG spokesperson today about it. LG internal Delays were cited as the reason that it will not be ready. I was also told that due to technical limitations in the phone, it will not ever be receiving Android 2.1"

  4. pasha
    September 21, 18:09 Reply

    Liar liar pants on fire. still no update for the completely antiquated version of OS, and the one you will receive (if even) will be an outdated P.O.C. right away.

    Looking at the situation with LG Eve (GW620R), imho, LG has failed Android community and Rogers failed it’s customers (“join android revolution”, my ass). Don’t buy your Android device from LG if you plan on being able to run up-to-date software on it. I’m done waiting for you LG, I’m rooting & upgrading my phone tonight and getting additional benefit of removing all the bloat-ware Rogers has stuck on it.

    In summary, bah, suck an egg, LG, and suck the other one, Rogers!

  5. jordan
    November 22, 22:16 Reply

    ..i just feel like im missing out. i would be sooo much better off if i did more research before i bought my eve. at the time i didnt know about which touchscreen was better, which processors were more tolerable, which carriers and manufacturers were more reliable, and most of all, i didnt know about LG’s reputation. why.. why didnt i do more research? i just bought the first phone i found with a touchscreen and a keyboard. and now.. im missing out on all of these amazing updates, applications, widgets, home replacements, etc. the droid was already out when i bought this thing. why didnt i get a droid.. i cant fucking stand how rogers and lg can just ignore their customers anger. on top of that they fucking lied for fucks sake. they LIED. first they release a phone thats not even up to date, then they promise an update for the spring (1.6) when 2.1 was already out, THEN they said its fucking DELAYED till the fall. well what now? the fall has come and gone. android is on the verge of 3.0. and still. the poor unfortunate chumps who trusted rogers and lg are left in a cold dark corner.. still waiting for 1.6. im sorry if im coming on a little strong but i have been pissed off for the past ten months.

    • Jamocca
      October 19, 19:38 Reply

      how?, my eves on 1.5, how the hell do i upgrade?

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