Motorola Zeppelin Spied Soaring High Over Brazil

A fresh batch of Motorola Zeppelin images have surfaced and they’re considerably clearer then anything we’ve seen so far.  Up until recently, we had been reporting on a different Motorola Zeppelin handset, even getting confused by the variations.  Having decided that this newer design is the one we’ll likely see in the US, we’re ready to move forward under that assumption.

Earlier today, the folks at Gizmodo Brazil (translated) were passed a half dozen shots of this, dare we say, beauty.  The Zeppelin looks more sleek and curvier than we expected out of Motorola.  It appears they understand that not all touch-only phones have to be box-like slabs.  Here we were, expecting to see something like the top half of a Cliq or Backflip.

Recapping, the handset will feature a 3.2″ screen, 5 megapixel memory snapper, and MOTOBLUR.  The backbone is said to be Android 1.5, which may not be the case by the time it arrives.  Latest rumors put this phone out for T-Mobile next month – March 10th, to be precise.

  • Kevin

    Does anyonw know where to get that Fifa 10 game? its not on the market.

  • This handset won't blow your mind away with its design and the same can be said for its specifications, featuring a 3.2" display at 320 × 480 resolution, a 5-megapixel camera, HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a trackpad

    Not that great a phone, but worth buying if you're in BR. Details:

    pretty good phone..check the specs…its comparable to the droid

  • always love moto..

  • motorola android 😀

  • great features