25 Android Apps Every College Student Needs

So you made the plunge and now you’ve got yourself an Android handset.  Good for you!  So how do you take advantage of it?  You install great apps, of course.  One of our readers, James J Atkinson, put together a list of 25 Essential Android Apps for College Students which we find to be very well thought out and organized.  In fact, many of these apps could be used in other areas of life.

Each app was organized into one of three groups, Study Guides and Tools, Specific Courses, and Socialize.  There were two things we really liked about this list; The selection was comprised of many lesser-known developers and a short description accompanies each selection.

Do you see any of your faves among the list?  What else would you recommend?

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  • Steve

    The only argument I'd bring up with that list is #22. I prefer Word of Mouth to appShare because the links it creates work on both Android and PC. http://drdmkt.com/1

  • Flick

    I wanted to try out Droid Scan just to see how it would work in practice – sadly it's no longer in beta so it is not free as per the article. I could also only find Knowledge+ for a small price as well in the Android Marketplace. Not sure if I'm finding the right apps as the article is dated 26th January 2010 and it's only been 2 weeks…

  • Spencer Riddering

    Students should check out FlingTap Done To-do List.

    Its got attachments, labels, archiving, filters, etc.. everything a busy student needs to organize their homework and projects. Just plain easy to use.


    Spencer Riddering

    Author of FlingTap Done To-do List

  • IphoneIsOldNews

    PhoneFrase is THE app to have in college… best pre-party or party game hands down.


    1. It is a great way to get to know girls without having to talk to them directly
    2. Is an awesome drinking game
    3. Did I mention girls love it?!?!

  • IphoneIsOldNews

    oops, that should be PhoneFraze

  • ron

    I'd recommend college students check out CashWaltz Pocket, currently free in BETA testing. This app gives you the ability to create a budget and track your spending. When you don't have a lot of money, it's twice as important to know where its going.

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