SPOILER ALERT: Nexus One Beats iPhone 3GS in CNET Prizefight [VIDEO]

Over the last few years, many phones have been thrown in a head-to-head matchup with Apple’s iPhone.  We’ve yet to see a device come along and dethrone the current king of smart phones.  At some point, something has to be considered better, right?

Along comes the Nexus One.

Will the new Android superphone be able to knock out the seemingly unbeatable iPhone 3GS?  Well, if you read the headline of this post coming in, you know it does. CNET released their latest “Prizefight” yesterday and it shows our beloved Android winning the battle.  Check out the video below!


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  1. jeremy
    February 04, 17:27 Reply

    Autoplaying ads in the RSS feed is a recipe for unsubscription.

  2. frostyballz
    February 04, 17:43 Reply

    Copy and paste is extremely limited on Nexus One. Might want to add that to your review.

    • tyler
      February 04, 18:39 Reply

      uhhhh no its not… you can copy paste from anywhere to anywhere… this has been a feature of android since the begining… thats a lot more than iphones can say as they just got it and it is no where near as nice… you need to check your facts before you make your self look any dumber…

        • Guest
          February 04, 22:08 Reply

          Oh ya? Tell me how to copy text in the gmail app then?

          • Ratnok
            February 04, 17:57

            Just tried it. Couldn’t do it. GOOD POINT!!! Get on it GOOGLE!!!

          • @teccan9nja
            February 04, 22:58

            the same as you copy/paste in everything else?

  3. Douglas
    February 04, 17:58 Reply

    nexus has multi touch you didnt mention that

  4. Tyler
    February 04, 18:44 Reply

    they also forgot to mention the nexus 1ghz proc vs. the iphones sad little 600 mhz proc and the fact that they said that there "still waiting" for flash leads me to believe that the makers of this video aren't up on tech news at all… the iphone will never be getting flash… adobe has tried many times but steve jobs says " the people at adobe are lazy and that his users don't need flash and that html 5 is the future" well steeeeave, that may be true that html 5 is the future and android already fully supports it, but what about NOW??? flash makes up 75 % of all media on the web… hmmmm and don't even get me started on no multitasking…. i'm sorry thats just silly…

  5. andre
    February 04, 19:04 Reply

    Nexus One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Quitin Bounce
    February 04, 20:44 Reply

    Nexus One is a good phone but it is not the iPhone. Period!

    • Ratnok
      February 04, 16:47 Reply

      You’re right. It’s not the iPhone. That’s why it’s better. It doesn’t have a crappy camera, has a larger, brighter screen, has a much more powerful processor, unlimited customization options, is actually THINNER, has real multitasking, a camera flash, the most amazing notification system in the business, and on and on and on. Poor iCultists. Never able to think outside of the iBox. And yes, that includes the iPad.

      • cizco
        February 04, 22:27 Reply

        Sigh. Having better specs doesn't make the Nexus One a better phone. It's not selling anywhere near as well as the iPhone and the iPhone continues to provide a much more enjoyable user experience than any Android device. According the J.D. Power and Associates survey, the iPhone still leads in customer satisfaction over it's competitors. Check it out at: http://www.jdpower.com/Telecom/ratings/wireless-c

        Anyway, enjoy touting the nexus one specs for now. It's going to be a short lived victory when the next iPhone comes out and bests every one of those specs.

        Poor Android fanboys, still can't see what really continues to make the iPhone a better device.

        • @teccan9nja
          February 04, 23:02 Reply

          Poor Apple fanboy, still cant see Steve Jobs has you in a nice little cage. When you have to Jailbreak your phone to get the ability to customize it, and doing so is actually illegal via breaking your contract, thats really better?

          • fus3box
            February 12, 20:51

            Poor google fanboy, Schmidt has you in his nice little cage. Google is another ugly monster building up it's empire.

        • ShylocksterCrabb
          February 06, 11:39 Reply

          Prepared to be let down on your hopes for a better iphone. The arrogant Steve Jobs with his RDF, NIH,NIMBY attitude will see to that fail. Any potential, ground breaking, drip dead improvements won't happen. And wow, how you fanbois memory is so short now with the ipad epic fail. Not the hype it turned out to be, huh?

        • futuregramma
          February 07, 02:20 Reply

          People loved their VW Beetles, too, until they fell apart and weren't hip anymore.

      • @teccan9nja
        February 04, 23:02 Reply

        Dude! and the iPad doesnt even have Flash Player!

    • @teccan9nja
      February 04, 23:00 Reply

      you cultist. the iPhone is no where near as good as Android Products, i have no idea how The Droid lost to it, i have played around with an iPhone and currently own a G1 and i still think the iPhone sucks. i'd rather have the slow assed G1 with Android than a faster iPhone, of which the N1 and Droid are just as fast as the iPhone.

    • @teccan9nja
      February 04, 23:00 Reply

      you cultist. the iPhone is no where near as good as Android Products, i have no idea how The Droid lost to it, i have played around with an iPhone and currently own a G1 and i still think the iPhone sucks. i'd rather have the slow assed G1 with Android than a faster iPhone, of which the N1 and Droid are just as fast as the iPhone.

    • McHale
      February 06, 20:17 Reply

      Thank God. I hate the iPhone.

  7. Ulvhamne
    February 09, 20:28 Reply

    Cant say I ever wanted the iPhone. Didnt much care for the design of it. And the fact that the first iteration couldnt even do all I wanted a phone to do.
    Android has its flaws, and its not quite mature yet but I have to say, from the moment I got my first android I havent beena ble to use another phone without getting frustrated with the craptastic UIs they have. Im pretty sure the iPhone is good at that as welll, since user interfaces is pretty mucht he only thing apple does best. And user interfaces are damn important, probably *the* most important thing in software.

  8. yoghurtman123
    February 10, 13:30 Reply

    Well Guys, this is a veritable bunfight.

    The bottom line is that no matter which way you look at it, the iPhone has been hugley influential BECAUSE of the UI. The hardware is basic, and in this day and age, whould not see the light of day, but the UI is awsome.

    My gut feeling is that Android will be the winner, but it needs more polish, and a bit more maturity, it is certainly where we are putting our effort.

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  11. jeff anderson
    September 09, 13:55 Reply

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