gPad – watch out Apple


Here’s something hot: apparently Google is not going to leave Apple alone. Here is article from SMH referencing mockups from Google’s own Glen Murphy. Oh boy, I think I’m seriously in love.

How long you think we have to wait? Not too long giving that Steve announced the iPad somewhat prematurely, as noted by the lack of many basic features consumers were looking for.


    • I've been very skeptical too. Now it's been 1 week as play with Archos 5 tablet and I have to tell you – the format grows on you. For example it takes reading books on your device to whole new level. I say if they manage to put these things in around $300 range – I'll buy one

  1. HAHA I hope google runs an add campaign about how there tablet will support flash and how apples won't and so apple may have a bigger app store full of redundant and overpriced apps but once android gets flash support we will have the largest selection of apps ever available to any handheld in history!!! And they are all free!!!! That is a commercial that I would like to see apple respond to… especially with how they were all whiney about laptop hunters, what are they gonna do after that bomb drops??? I'm hoping for the "crawl in a corner and die" approach lol! The world could use one less evil corporation that makes there billions off of misleading consumers!