December 20, 2014

Have You Been Watching?

Last month, Google kicked off an official YouTube page for the Nexus One.  Just this last week, however, they decided to take us on a tour of what goes on behind the device.  Over the course of 5 videos, Google has been giving viewers an inside look into everything that has gone into the concept, design, testing, and manufacturing of our favorite Superphone.  The last video is expected tomorrow, but you can watch the first 4 installments now.  The latest clip shows the handset as it is manufactured and prepped for shipping.

  • kevin

    it seems like a hype builder towards superbowl advert?

  • Raphaels

    Interesting to see HTC assembly lines, show Google openness about the Nexus One.
    Wonder what "Day one" is going to be…

  • Jim

    Would be nice if Google spent the time it took for the videos to fix the Nexus One!

    • Scuzzy19

      Really? Whats wrong with the nexus one? care to elaborate?

  • schwiz

    WOW! They really box these things by hand? That is pretty cool. I love this video series.