Name of Next Android Release to be “Gingerbread”

In a post on, Brian Swetland reveals the name of Android’s next release.

“We maintain a set of patches on top of Linux, which we periodically rebase to the latest released Linux kernel. We’ve been doing this roughly every other kernel release since about 2.6.14. This week we’re finalizing our move to 2.6.32 for the Android ‘Froyo’ release, and we’ll likely be on .33 or .34 for ‘Gingerbread.'”

So what do you think “H” will be? Hamburger probably won’t work, as it doesn’t fall under the “sweets” category. Maybe they’ll use Hersheys, Hot Fudge, or possibly Hollow Chocolate Bunnies.

Yummm…. Bunnies.

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  • How about HoCo! (Hot Chocolate) 🙂

  • TareX

    I look forward to Android Hotpee.

  • Rene

    Ho Hos anyone?

  • Joe


  • Benjamin

    Thinking it'll either be Horchata, HoHo or Humble Pie

  • kreps

    Honey would be really sweet! Or…how about huckleberry.

    • Lets just combine your 2 suggestion. How about "Honeyberry" sounds sweet and Lovely…. Right? When is the release of the new Android?

  • hiro


  • Hamantaschen!

  • HoneyPie

  • Meh. The name of the next Android release might as well be "Still not on your G1!!!!".

    • jsp254

      apparently you aint dug into your ROOTs yet.. i gots 2.2 on my g1!!!

  • Iroquois


  • Hamantaschen. It's going to happen. Jew pride.

  • nice one.. cool..

  • Sorry, its still not bringing an interest here. Still don’t have plans of getting an Andriod.

  • Honey would be really sweet! Or…how about huckleberry.

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