October 25, 2014

Google Improves Experience for Nexus One Buyers

By Google’s own admission, everything associated with their google.com/phone site is an experiment.  Like most everything the company does, it starts out in beta and constantly evolves.  this past week has seen two changes to the way things are handled for potential and existing Nexus One owners.

The first, and possibly, most welcome enhancement was the opening up of an actual phone line for support.  those of you who already have a Nexus One can call 888-48-NEXUS (63987). daily from 7:00 am EST to 10:00 pm EST to speak with someone.  No more forum only support!

The other change made this week was lowering the equipment recovery fee (ETF) from $350 down to $150.   While T-Mobile imposes their own early termination fee (ETF), it has many scratching their heads as to why Google was charging so much on their side.  Whether related to recent FCC inquiries or by pure coincidence, customers are not looking at such a heavy dent in their pocket should they decide to cancel service.

Did any of you expect either of these changes?  So quickly?  What else would you like to see happen with their “experiment”?