Google Gets Social With New “Google Buzz”

Today, February 9th, 2010, Google has yet another release for us(Android Users) that extends the abilities of your Android Device and Gmail account. This free service is called Google Buzz and is essentially another social networking medium. With Google Wave not making much headway, the introduction of Google Buzz to all Google Accounts combined with the simplicity of the service, Buzz may actually prove to be quite popular.  It is accessible through your online Gmail account or from any mobile phone. Buzz specific features include just some of the following:

  • Public updates and “buzz’s” that can seen by friends
  • Updates can be made public to be seen by anyone
  • See nearby buzz updates
  • Comment on or Like friend’s updates
  • See nearby buzz updates via a new layer in Google Maps for Android, iPhone, Nokia S60, and Windows Mobile
  • Read buzz updates about anywhere from the Places Page
  • Speak “post buzz” into Android Quick Voice Search on Android and iPhone
  • Location added to buzz updates
  • Pulls media/photos from links for fast and easy access

Not only will you be able to make status updates but you will also be able to share anything you want with friends such as Twitter, links, videos, pictures, and much more. For a chart of features supported on different mobile phone platforms see below:

Feature Android BlackBerry iPhone Nokia S60 Windows Mobile Yes Coming soon Yes Coming soon Coming soon
Buzz Layer on Google Maps for mobile Yes Coming soon Yes Yes Yes
Buzz on a Place Page Yes Yes
Voice shortcuts Yes Yes
Buzz icon shortcuts Yes Yes

If you have not already set up your Google Profile and combined it with Buzz, try it out now! Watch the following video for a demonstration:


Get on Buzz now! You can even check me out here.