HTC Scorpion Could Be Most Powerful Android Phone to Date,But is it Real?


It gets harder and harder to stay on top of the Android phones coming down the pipeline.  Even on its own, HTC makes it difficult on us to keep out in front of the rumored handsets.  Today finds us adding another device to the list of potential Android smart phones.

The Scorpion is the latest to get the rumor treatment.  What’s special about this one?  For starters, it boasts a 1.5GHz processor on board.  Add Android 2.2 and WiMAX into the mix, and you have a recipe for one delicious phone. 

As to where this rumor got started.  AndroidSPIN was allegedly passed the build file for this upcoming handset with notes pertaining to the above specs and features.  As you look through the (easily created/duped) text, there are hints of them throughout.  As much as some of us would like to say this is faked, there are far more Android rumors that pan out than those that don’t.  We’re leaning in the direction of “this could be right”.

For what it’s worth, Qualcomm just unveiled the 1.5GHz processors last month.  We could be a long way off before seeing this arrive.  Also, neither Scorpion nor Olympian were among the names leaked in a previous Android build.

Source: MobileCrunch

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    It may be called the HTC Scorpion (possibly codenamed “Olympian”), and it’s allegedly packing a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor.
    HTC’s all-new phone may be running Android 2.2 as well as be equipped with WiMax support, on top of a bone-crushing 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor.
    New info:

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    It is nice learning about HTC Scorpion powerful Android phone. It is great that for starters, it boasts a 1.5GHz processor on board. and Android 2.2 and WiMAX into the mix, and you have a recipe for one delicious phone. Thanks for the information.