HTC’s Sense Adds Pinch Zooming on Android 2.1 Home Screen [VIDEO]

Ask around and you’ll find that most Android enthusiasts are fans of what HTC did with Sense UI.  Rather than pumping out stock Android handsets void of any character, they poured all kinds of things into Android.  Not only did it refresh the interface, but it added features as well.  Sense is not just a skin on top of Android. So as the plain vanilla Android experience continues to evolve and get prettier, what happens to Sense?

Nick over at HTC Source happened upon a video this morning that shows Android 2.1 running with Sense on top of it.  The guy in this sideway video is running the latest release on his Hero.

Where Google’s WebOS-like cards give added function to the desktop experience, HTC gives it a slight boost.   Skip to around 6:50 into the clip below and you’ll see a pinch-to-zoom feature that pulls all 7 homescreens up with previews.  Tap the widget or screen and presto!  You’re there.  Yes, we know.  Swiping doesn’t take all that long to get from one end to the other.  It’s still nice to see HTC doing their part to push Android further.

  • matt

    That's running on a Hero. Why can't it be running on a Nexus One. That's the only thing keeping me from buying a Nexus — hate Android stock, love Sense. Well, that and I want it on Verizon. Time to wait, I guess…

    • Ratnok

      You hate Android stock but love Sense? Strange comment. They really aren’t all that different. So I guess you hate having free turn-by-turn navigation? You hate having a much better Android market? You hate card-based multi-tasking? Android 2.1 has all of the polish that Sense has and more. What are you talking about? Specific features, please.

    • Melvin

      You can always get the Droid Eris for Verizon, it's using Sense, and if this the actual 2.1 for Sense, then Eris users should be getting it also 😀

  • Wow, I'm looking forward to that whenever I get 2.1 on my Hero!

  • whats with the music?

  • Alz

    "This clip has been blocked in your region" 🙁 Anyone got an alternative link?

  • Tonny

    you can try kings hero rom you also can pince and zoom to see the all page home screen on a mt3g 😉

  • Domo

    Would be far better of you to re-host this video somewhere on your own site, as its blocked in many regions.

  • Very cool thing with HTC’s Sense which adds Pinch Zooming on Android 2.1 Home Screen [VIDEO]. Thanks.

  • It is nice that not only did it refresh the interface, but it added features as well. Hence, truly sense is not just a skin on top of Android. Nice post.