Motorola’s Droid Update Detailed, Sorta

It’s already publicly known that Motorola plans to roll out an update to the Droid which will see it pick up Android 2.1.  We’re waiting for the update to hit, literally any day now.
As we wait for the official word, we thought we’d recap what you Droid owners will be seeing.   

  • Voice recognition for virtual keyboard. This is the feature that allows you to speak instead of typing.  Anywhere you want.
  • Virtual/soft keyboard enhancements.
  • 3D Gallery  – Same as Nexus One, designed by Cooliris
  • Pinch to zoom/multi-touch for maps, browser, and gallery.
  • News and weather widget
  • Google Maps 4.0 with all the new stuff, like Buzz.
  • Enhanced Music application. New tabs at the top for easier access an navigation to artists, songs, albums and playlists.
  • Google Goggles

If you head to Motorola‘s FAQ page, you’ll run into somewhat of a dead-end.  Right now, it just says “There is a release coming, check back soon.”  This is different from earlier, where it fleshed out all the details.  Does this mean there’s more to the update?  Did someone jump the gun and push out the news a little to early?

Any of you Verizon customers stoked about the update?  What is it that you are most looking forward to?

  • I'm already rooted and running a modded ROM (AdamZ's Smoked Glass), overclocked to 950 MHz, so all this update offers me is less functionality than I have now. I'm looking forward to it hitting the street, though, so that the modders can put the animated wallpaper back in…hopefully it will run more smoothly on my Droid than the 2.1 ports that I've tried out so far. I won't miss the N1 launcher.

  • vcravin

    I want 2.1!

  • ddmcse

    rooted my droid and I've been running 2.1 for a couple of months

  • Marty B.

    I was hoping for multi-touch in the email client and better folder support, much like the stock email client has in the HTC android phones.

  • David Evan Karasek

    I really want it to behave like a good hands free phone. Wish that safe car blue tooth as opposed crashed toothless manual access to turn on was THE priority especially aka nav and maps. To heck with buzz just give me single user intuitiveness.
    I will use the dictation feature heavily. I will record business meetings as well as my own schpeel. I will then implant the device in my brain and get a robotic eye. I will then adopt a monotone voice and say resistence is futile. I will see if this phrase records without errors. If not I will time travel to an age when human interface engineers actually listened to their users and you can call them up on the phone, when phones actually worked as phones.

  • Jay Money

    I know people with the HTC phones running 2.1 for a while now. WHAT THE HECK ISUP WITH VERIZON and GOOGLE and MOTOROLA on this…?

    Tell me you are coming out with 2.2 this week and I will regain respect for yah!

  • so it's one day away from birthday, and still no droid update? Please AGuys what's the word?

  • Dan

    I want them to stop focusing on half-finished new sizzle stuff like Google Buzz and Goggles – and instead finish the boring old basic meat and potatoes stuff that makes the device a useful cellphone and email client – like a corporate email client that can accept calendar invites, supports moving e-mail between folders, and makes it easy to dial phone numbers your receive in emails, consistent cut and paste between applications, and basic cell phone features that don't exist at all today like hands free dialing over bluetooth and speed dialing.

  • Steve Jobs


  • nice one.. seems so pro..

  • nice update.. great sorta..

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