Rumor: T-Mobile Cliq to See Android 2.1 in March


A Boy Genius Report tipster has informed them that the T-Mobile Cliq is slated to pick Android 2.1 sometime in March.  There’s nothing concrete to support this, however BGR’s track record for Android rumors seems to be pretty solid so far.  This would be the first look at how MOTOBLUR operates on Android 2.1, so we’re definitely interested.  Those of you with a Cliq will likely attest that this will be a long time coming.

More on that is it develops.

  • DisKO

    Are you sure they don't mean the Cliq XT? Since that comes out in March… I mean itz great news but I'll believe it when I see it.

  • beez

    Seriously. I want this so bad. But like DisKO said, believe it when I see it.

  • Munkee

    i work at a cell phone place deep in china, cliq will get update march 29th 2010 to co-inside with the birth of the greatest leader of america….
    again… i will believe it when i see it but i hope so 🙂

  • I've been a Blackberry. Addicted person. But now I'm a Android Junkie. And I really luv my cliq. Lol.

  • Denver Dave

    I have a Cliq, it's May 3rd, and no update 🙁

  • tonykc

    may 26th i have a cliq and still ZERO sign of an update please gooooooooooood sometime soon

  • nice articles.. thanks..

  • isn’t it ?

  • easy

  • Welcome to the game

  • Ursula

    I want this… NOW. Smart phones are so cool. Registry Resource