T-Mobile myTouch 3G Released with New Features

Today sees the release of the new T-Mobile myTouch 3G.  But wait!  Didn’t this phone come out last year?  Yes, and no.  Today’s launch is an improved handset with new features and functions.  Pretty much everything that was rumored on this phone has come to fruition.  So what’s the deal with this one?  Notable differences between the original model:

  • A built-in 3.5mm headset jack and updated music player
  • Additional memory with 288 MB of RAM and an 8GB microSD card
  • Swype, an innovative text input technology, providing a faster and more intuitive text input on the touch screen
  • Preloaded applications, including Barcode Scanner, Music Player, myAccount and Visual Voicemail

Starting today, customers can buy the myTouch 3G for $149.99, providing they sign a 2-year agreement.  You can pick one up at a T-Mobile store near you or online at http://www.t-mobilemytouch.com.

  • Quackor

    It's still a robbery to charge $149.99 for that thing in the world of Droids and Nexuses

    • cyrnel

      Rule #1 is they'll always milk people who don't know better for the first month or quarter. But you're right, this one is destined for a strong lesson in gravity.

    • Nah–$125.00 is quite a bit to save when you're just entering the android ecosystem for the first time as a user. I was sold on an N1 until I saw the price and I decided to go with MT3G for my first android device. Dollars up front can make a big impression on those of us with tight budgets.

      Maybe by the time I have used it for a while I will see the benefits of an N1 who knows? I'm just stoked to switch to android regardless of the handset.

  • Just Joe

    Um…It's actually not on sale yet. I can't seem to place an order. Or I'm missing something…HELP?

  • The reason is that while the Android platform itself has a lot of possibility given its open nature, the G1 hardware simply was not great when compared to something like the iPhone.T-Mobile has added some software, most notably Swype, a system designed to make it easier for users to enter text on the touchscreen.