ADC2 Winner ‘SweetDreams’ Hits Android Market


The big winner in the second Android Developers Challenge (ADC2), SweetDreams, is now available for download.Β  Designed to allow its users to go to bed without worrying about getting calls in the middle of the night, SweetDreams, packs a ton of options into a relatively small (2MB) app.

Tell SweetDreams what time you go to bed and when you typically wake up and the rest is downhill. Customization features include toggling WiFi, Bluetooth, turning off the screen, notifications, and more. Not only does this work based on your preset time, but location also plays into SweetDreams. Users can also set specific spots on the map for when they want the app to be activated. Another cool feature is the ability to adjust motion and sound settings. Want your phone to wake up as soon as you grab it off the night stand? Presto! Likewise, you can also have your phone woken up by the alarm clock or rooster outside.

There are plenty of options available to customize SweetDreams around your preferences. It’s pretty easy to see why this app was a winner in the Android Developers Challenge.


  1. I don't really see why this app is so special. It doesn't matter if WiFi or Bluetooth is on in the middle of the night, as the phone is generally plugged in and battery life is not an issue. Plus, if I want the phone to be quiet, I just silence it. Doesn't seem that hard to me.

    • I agree. I just silence my phone too, and plug it in. The only way this app would deserve to win would be if all the others ones sucked a$$.

  2. So, all in all, this is just another version of "Locale"? As long as it's good to go on 1.5 and has every bit of functionality that Locale has, I'll give it a go.

  3. is it just me or does that sound kind of dangerous? except for filtering out some drunk dialers doesnt it sound kind of dangerous to block calls at night AKA it might be an emergency

  4. Really? 2MB is small? I'm always having to determine who goes and who stays when I'm cleaning up my memory footprint. Apps that are <1MB always get a better chance of staying on board.

  5. Bit of a mystery why this won ADC2. It does do things the iPhone can't, but otherwise seems pretty ordinary. Mildly useful, nothing special. Am I missing something?

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  11. Is there a way to run two versions of this?

    I have a profile that I want at Work and one at Home. As far as I can find…there is only one profile that can be set up.

    Ideas or recommendations of something LIKE Sweet Dreams?