Build Your Own Papercraft Android!

The next time you find yourself feeling crafty, put your hands to work on a papercraft Android.  Check out the pictures below of one that was put together by a Mr. Guilherme Link-san.  Rather than keeping his cool Android all to himself, he decided to share his little project with the rest of us!

According to his blog (translated), this design marks the 8th version he’s worked up.  Each time he put one together, he found something he didn’t quite like.  He settled with the 8th version, and we have to agree.  This looks about as good as it will get.  Everything seems scaled correctly from our vantage.  Be sure to visit his blog and print out the images.  Guilherme recommends using Sulfites A4 paper, which is 120 grams per square meter, and also known as “Sulfite 40″.

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  1. Russell
    February 12, 04:53 Reply

    Amazing, I can't wait to give it a shot.

  2. JJitz43
    July 11, 13:23 Reply

    The blog is screwed up or something it says that the blog no longer exists

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