GIVEAWAY: 10 Slacker Radio Plus Accounts – Comment to Win!

As you might know, we’re big fans of streaming audio here at AndroidGuys.   Any chance we get to share our love with our readers, we’ll take advantage of it.   The kinds folks over at Slacker Radio are offering up some free Radio Plus accounts for our followers.  We’ve got 10 prizes to hand out to you luck guys and gals.

The awards break down like this:

  • Two 1-year subscriptions
  • Eight 3-month subscriptions

Slacker allows users to create custom radio stations based around specific artists or music genres.  If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll enjoy all the basic stuff plus ad-free listening, unlimited skips, full song lyrics and more!

How do you enter? Simple.  Leave a comment below.  We’ll draw 10 random entries on Sunday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day).  Now the question is, do you keep it for yourself or do you play the role of the awesome boyfriend/girlfriend?

Features found in any Slacker Radio account for Android include:

  • Free application and free service
  • Over 100 expert-programmed stations
  • Create your own custom stations
  • Convenient radio widget mode
  • Integrated Twitter support
  • Vertical and horizontal modes
  • Displays album art, reviews and bios

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  1. Unk
    February 12, 03:03 Reply

    If I win, I'll keep it. 😛

  2. Bryan
    February 12, 03:17 Reply

    I want free upgrading! She wouldn't Slack like I would!

  3. kiel
    February 12, 03:19 Reply

    1 year free would rock!!!!!

  4. @tbiela
    February 12, 03:22 Reply

    Slacker has turned me on to so much music I otherwise would have never heard. If I win I plan on giving it to my wife along with a new G2 since I'm the one with the Droid.

  5. Mark S
    February 12, 03:22 Reply

    Keep it! My wife doesn't have Android.

  6. @sequential
    February 12, 03:22 Reply

    My co-worker just called me a slacker today, so I believe that makes me a winner. Right?

  7. Adam
    February 11, 22:41 Reply

    Awesome app with great UI. Really would love a free subscription.

  8. Charles Duffy
    February 12, 03:43 Reply

    Woot! I've been planning to buy a Slacker account as soon as I upgrade to T-mobile and get 3G (AT&T contract just expired, so it'll be this month).

  9. @taradinoc
    February 12, 03:55 Reply

    Hi, I am entering by posting this comment!

  10. Paul
    February 11, 23:21 Reply

    Just got my Eris, and Slacker Free was one of my first downloads!

  11. @cDrow
    February 12, 04:25 Reply

    It would rock to get a free Slacker account…

  12. Steve
    February 12, 04:37 Reply

    I totally deserve a year's subscription… I am the physical embodiment of Slacker, the poster boy of Slacker, if you will… I'd go into more detail, but I'm just too damned lazy to… (see what I did there?? Poster Boy, I tell ya…)

  13. Rob
    February 12, 05:07 Reply

    I would keep it.

  14. 0mie
    February 12, 05:09 Reply


  15. Goalie
    February 12, 05:09 Reply

    I'd love a subscription. I'm already a subscriber but can always use an extension :)

  16. prius23
    February 12, 05:47 Reply

    Would love Slacker Plus account! The free Slacker is great also.

  17. Heather S
    February 12, 05:48 Reply

    Super cool, I would la la LOVE to win this for my husband!

  18. @sammyboy405
    February 12, 06:11 Reply

    Woo whoo I will even post this comment from my Droid phone.WAIT I already did :)

  19. Tim
    February 12, 06:12 Reply

    Free slacker account?? 😀

  20. Hurracayne
    February 12, 06:21 Reply

    I would like to try out Slacker since I need something to replace my Sirius radio

  21. Adam
    February 12, 01:24 Reply

    If I win i will start using it again. for sure.

  22. Max
    February 12, 06:35 Reply

    Please, and thank you!

  23. Phirewire110
    February 12, 07:18 Reply

    I love Slacker!
    I like the fact that it shows Genre's.

  24. roygbiv
    February 12, 02:48 Reply

    Just heard this Slacker been recommended on Net@night. Love to give it a try

  25. Corey
    February 12, 07:55 Reply

    ''I'm a Slacker, she's a Slacker,
    wouldn't ya like to be a Slacker too?''
    Androidguys rock…. Love your Widget!!!

  26. kevin
    February 12, 08:28 Reply

    Slacker does have a great selection of stations..

  27. PondScum
    February 12, 09:30 Reply

    "Now the question is, do you keep it for yourself or do you play the role of the awesome boyfriend/girlfriend?" That's easy… keep it myself! Slacker is awesome on my Android phone!

  28. @mefinsf
    February 12, 05:00 Reply

    I'm just waiting for Slacker's promised "offline caching" for Android (like they already have for Blackberry).

  29. PVT10
    February 12, 12:08 Reply

    Great App, a must have.

  30. Casao
    February 12, 09:06 Reply

    Definitely interested in this, hook me up please <3

  31. Jacob
    February 12, 14:06 Reply

    I definitely deserve to win. I'm slacking right now, winning an account instead of working.

  32. Masterchief
    February 12, 14:15 Reply

    Just got the Droid and really love the slacker app

  33. nobsato
    February 12, 09:18 Reply

    Boys, Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th is my birth day, happy slacker streaming!

  34. RunBadgerRun
    February 12, 09:55 Reply

    Been slacking for quite a while. Would love a free sub.

  35. Farseer
    February 12, 14:57 Reply

    I'd love to see how this compares to Pandora.

  36. Brian
    February 12, 10:08 Reply

    This is my default music app on the nexus.

  37. Mike
    February 12, 15:47 Reply

    Would love a chance to win

  38. Russell DeCicco
    February 12, 17:08 Reply

    Chico for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, this is a better deal than when John Stamos joined the Beach Boys. OH Yeah, That was horrible.

  39. Tucker
    February 12, 17:34 Reply

    I'd like to win an account! I love slacker!

  40. Jay
    February 12, 12:49 Reply

    Actually own a Slacker G1….and love the Android app on my Droid. Thanks for the chance to win a premium account!

  41. vnssa906
    February 12, 18:01 Reply

    if i win, i think i'll keep it. boyfriend has blackberry :)

  42. jreed336
    February 12, 19:57 Reply

    Pick me! Pick me! I wll keep it for sure!

  43. Nicole Zitzner
    February 12, 20:07 Reply

    I would love to have a subscription, then I can listen all day at work. :) Hey…that would be free advertising, I talk to a lot of people.

  44. Rod
    February 12, 15:45 Reply

    I love Slacker and would love a free account!

  45. dugwhitney
    February 12, 21:47 Reply

    I've used Pandora (paid subscription) for the past several years on my WinMo phone and Squeeze Box at home. I installed the Slacker app earlier this week and think it's much better on my Droid, even with the commercials. They have more music that I like and fewer repeats than Pandora. I only wish the free desktop app played more than 10 songs a day (paid subscription would help). The one suggestion I would make is to allow the music to stop playing on my Droid when I remove the headphones.

  46. @spidremann
    February 12, 17:14 Reply

    If I win, I'll keep it….and finally get rid of Pandora!

  47. Tony
    February 12, 22:30 Reply

    I just installed the Slacker app on my Samsung Moment the other day and im lovin it. Its also cool that you link your Twitter account to it and it tweets songs you heart or ban.

  48. TractorNipples
    February 12, 23:59 Reply

    She's already got flowers coming and she's already got a diamond ring so i think she' set. I'll keep it.

  49. jason
    February 13, 00:16 Reply

    I'm totally into this slacker radio, i deserve one of the prizes

  50. Fausto
    February 13, 02:32 Reply

    Ads are a drag, and Slacker Radio is the coffee for my Mondays, and the business week if filled with Mondays when I'm at work, so Slacker Radio keeps me going on my Eris all day everyday.

  51. Ken
    February 13, 03:04 Reply

    Chance to win a Slacker subscription…great. Been a listener for years. Have two Slacker radios. Been meaning to try a subscription for quite a while.

  52. Brent Rose
    February 13, 17:23 Reply

    Big Androidguys fan here. Would love to win this! Thanks!

  53. willdo
    February 14, 07:04 Reply

    Hi I am newbie here,Hearing about Slacker Radio Plus for the first time.
    Unfortunately I still have no girlfriend at 23:(
    So I guess it's 4 me and my family:)
    That is if I win,Thank you for giveaway,much appreciated.

  54. Julius
    February 14, 19:09 Reply

    Excellent name for the product. Although I tend to listen to music while coding. Hey does this work outside the US?

  55. Justin
    February 14, 22:04 Reply

    I need you Slacker! Help me workout!

  56. brad
    February 15, 03:06 Reply

    new G1 owner this would rock to win this !!

  57. Meredith
    February 15, 04:04 Reply

    I love Slacker Radio- I recently got my first smart phone the Android HTC Droid Eris. I immediately downloaded Pandora because that was the only internet radio service that I knew of. I realized quickly that Pandora wasn't the radio app for me – it ran slow, skipped, and often shut down. I searched on the internet for other radio applications and I found so many people recommending Slacker Radio – I signed up, downloaded the application and I've been addicted to it ever since!!

    I hope I win one of the many subscriptions that you are giving away! I would love to have unlimited skips and the ability to not have to listen to commercials!

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