Listen Up! Podcast #39 is On Demand

Our latest podcast, #39, is in the can and available for downloads and streaming.  Joining me this week was resident AndroidGuy Sam Herren, Nick Gray (HTC Source), and Andrew Kamika (Androinica).  Also, Nicole stopped by for a few minutes near the end to share are few newsworthy items of her own! [Topics after the jump]

Topics for this week:

Our weekly podcast is held on Monday nights at 10:00PM EST for those of you interested in tuning in live.  We also offer a chat room each week, which opens roughly 15 minutes prior to us going on the air.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed on BlogTalkRadio or via iTunes!

Visit the site for Episode #39 on BlogTalkRadio!  Download this week’s podcast directly through this link.
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