Manage Your Amazon EC2 Cloud with Decaf

If you’re an administrator or developer who uses Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for hosting you application, you might want to consider Decaf.  This Android application gives users the ability to manage and monitor their Amazon EC2 cloud with plenty of options.  Users can perform all necessary operations like launching, rebooting and terminating servers. Keep an eye on your CPU, network, and disk activity from your handset! 

Judging by the images and description found on the 9apps page, we can see why Decaf made it into the semi-finals for the Android Developers Challenge 2.  It’s very easy to take the concept behind Decaf and put out an app that’s dry and void of character.  Thankfully, extra time was taken to ensure Decaf has great aesthetic appeal.

Currently, these are the features and functions found within Decaf:

  • Monitor your servers, notifying you when one of them is down
  • Continuously shows you charts on your home screen depicting the CPU utilization, network in-out activity and disk read/writes
  • Allows to manage your servers by restarting, stopping, monitoring instances, attaching volumes, and all other actions that you can perform with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Gives you access to all of your Amazon EC2 information, from a summary view to the details of each of your items.

Their download page shows quite a few additional items on the roadmap.  You can download the app from the Android Market for €4.99 ($6.80 US) today!