Sony Ericsson’s Face Recognition on Xperia X10 Gets Demonstrated [VIDEO]

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has yet to be announced for release here in the US, but that won’t stop us from drooling over it. One of the cooler sounding features, face-recognition and tagging, has been demonstrated for all to see. In theory, the Xperia X10 can take your photos and compare them other pictures found on the handset. If it recognizes the subject as someone you’ve already tagged, the handset automatically tags the new one. From there, you can view all the images in groups under the Mediascape gallery.

Naturally, we’re expecting this to have little snags and imperfections. However, should this work as it’s demonstrated below, this could cut down on a lot of busy work.

Source: Androinica

  • That's really cool! No need to people-tag photos if you have them in your contacts. That's innovative…something SonyEricsson has been lacking for a looooong time now.