7.7 Million Android Handsets Sold in 2009

Canalys has announced that the majority of smartphones sold in 2009 were touchscreen phones. Canalys is also reporting that 7.7 million Android handsets made up 4.7% of overall smartphone sales.  For those of you counting that is a 1074% growth from 2008!  That is quite a big step for one year! For those wondering how Android will grow to be the world’s #2 operating system by the year 2013, see below. Any guesses on what the growth will be by 2011?

Via: AndroidAndMe

  • divestoclimb

    That's bad statistics. Android devices weren't even available to order until Q4 2008, so looking at Android sales over the entire year and comparing them to last year, a time when the phones were available all 12 months, is misleading.

    Still, there's some interesting trends in that data.

  • This is the year when android is gaining popularity and their products and services are really availed by the majority of the customers.