Android 2.1 Coming to Samsung Moment February 22nd?

This is purely a rumor for now, but Android Central is getting reports that Sprint will be updating the Samsung Moment to Android 2.1 on February 22nd. The Moment is currently running Android 1.5, so Android 2.1 will be a great addition for users of this phone as they will get all of the goodies that come with the new operating system.  According the team at Android Central the updates are to hit on Feb. 22 and users will have to actually update their handsets at local Sprint store.  As always we will keep you updated to on any other news we hear! Let’s hope this rumor is true!

Source: Android Central

  • Of course the next questions will be…. HTC Hero…when?

    • jeff

      My guess After the release of The Hero replacement . . 🙁

  • jeff

    From what I have been reading every where , everybody is saying 1st half 2010 . Then a rumor for
    March, don't know who found that out but it was not a twit from sprint or HTC . Who gives a six month window for a item that is outdated already. Its like buying a new car bring it back the next day and you lost half of your money . Trust me I have a Sprint HTC Hero and would love 2.1 I guess we just need to wait.

  • from what i've gathered, the UK Hero gets the update in March. Sprint's Hero gets it "first half of '10". I've got the Sprint Hero too. I can't wait for this update. I also can't wait for the Supersonic to come out.

  • Ratnok

    I agree with Jeff- what’s the hold up? By the time the “first half of 2010” is over, Android 2.1 will be ancient, Android 2.2 will be old, and Android 2.5 will be out.

  • soloist

    Don't jinx it =[ my little sammy needs big boy jawnz right now.

  • Jeff

    Stopped by a Sprint store yesterday in Indianapolis…they confirmed the date. He also confirmed you must take it to a repair center for the upgrade.

  • Jeff

    He thought the info said the Hero was getting it at the same time.

  • Ratnok

    ummmm… clearly this rumor is a bust.

  • February 22nd was the Cupcake update from CJ05 to CJ14 not the firmware push that isn't supposed to happen until atleast March. Also it will be a computer upgrade do-it yourself if you will or you can trust the idiot techs at sprint that don't know their head from their ass.

  • shut your hole!

    well there is no pleasing people. had the update came out all bugged up and laggy 2 mnths ago you woulda bitched about how stupid the programers are you that you never should have did the update. but when they release it with A LOT FEWER bugs a couple months later you bitch cuz its takin so long. so here is an idea. if you really want the update hack your damn phone and update it since programming a phone seems so easy to you. or another idea. wait an extra mnth or 2 and get a less screwed up version. or if your just looking to bitch about anything in general why dont you do us all a favor and "tweet" while you walk to the nearest bridge with your phone. Then set the phone on the sidewalk (the phone is not to blame) hoist yourself over the rail. let go of rail and fall on your head thus ending your bitching.

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