March 31, 2015

Geocaching with Geooh

According to Wikipedia, geocaching is an “outdoor activity in which the participants use GPS or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”).

I  learned of an app alled Geooh today from its developer, Mobiltect. According to them, their application far exceeds that of others designed for mobile platforms. They even boast it might best GPS devices that run more than $400 a pop. I took a look around the website, and from what we can tell, Geooh looks full of features.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done any geocaching before.  I’ve considered it, but didn’t realize how easy it could be until just recently. The screenshots of Geeoh alone have me curious enough to give it a shot though.

Integration with Google Maps Navigator almost seem like pure cheating, but hey, we all like the occasional walkthrough in a pinch.  Of course, there is also radar view, compass view, plain coordinates and more.  If any app were to get me going, it might be this one.  So, with that, I am going to see what I can (literally) dig up around my town!

According to the features page, Geeoh offers:

  • Opens GPX, LOC, and KML formats
  • Bulk downloading and local storage of multiple files with delete capabilities
  • Paperless geocaching
  • Deleting of individual waypoints
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Speech input
  • Displays geo-points on Google maps
  • Street and map views
  • Rotating compass overlay on maps
  • Navigate to location
  • View overhead GPS satellites
  • Multiple language support
  • Launch web browser
  • Touch screen interface
  • Post field notes via SMS
  • Google Maps Navigation!

You can find Geooh in the Android Market today for $11.99 US.  Download it, try it out and let me know what you find!  You can also scan the barcode below with your Android handset to get taken directly to the product page.

  1. Opens GPX, LOC, and KML formats

  2. Bullet Bulk downloading and local storage of multiple files with delete capabilities

  3. Bullet Paperless geocaching

  4. BulletDeleting of individual waypoints

  5. BulletSorting and filtering

  6. BulletSpeech input

  7. BulletDisplays geo-points on Google maps

  8. BulletStreet and map views

  9. BulletRotating compass overlay on maps

  10. BulletNavigate to location

  11. BulletView overhead GPS satellites

  12. BulletMultiple language support

  13. BulletLaunch web browser

  14. BulletTouch screen interface

  15. BulletPost field notes via SMS

  16. BulletGoogle Maps Navigation!

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  1. Cacher

    I prefer GeOrg because it has offline maps support and a few more neat things
    it also costs €4,99 which is better for a casual user and the features are good for a heavy user :)
    check it out at

  2. Kristoffer

    I'm using GCDroid. It is currently free (according to the developer it will be turned into a pay-app as soon as Sweden gets access to paid apps). Of all the Geocaching applications I have tried it is by far the most easy to use, even though it has a tonne of features, its fast and reliable. Check it out here:

    Since I got my Android phone and got my hands on GCDroid I haven't used my €420 GPSr at all.

  3. deej

    I'm waiting on to have their app. They say on the site sometime early 2010 so hopefully just in time for spring, when I'll stop hibernating from the winter here in MN. I think I'll stick to the free apps right now.

  4. domichal

    Geobeagle is way better to me, maybe it's layout isn't so pretty as geooh, but it's free and usage is much more intuitive. Still waiting for official app and not a chance will spend 11 bucks for geooh. Sorry Guys.


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