Google Gives Free Nexus One to TED Attendees


Google has been working hard to put the Nexus One in the hands of anyone they feel is important enough, even if that means giving thousands of them away! Yet again, Google has given away free Nexus One devices to all attendees at the TED conference.

Not a bad idea with the types of people I’m use to seeing on the panel. TED is also an app currently available for free download from the Android Market. Check it out if you are not familiar with TED and what they do, very eye opening and thought provoking.

Source: Washington Post


  1. Man why can't Google give them away to people like myself. I will never be able to attend any of these cool events like this. Plus I would love one of these phones but I just cannot afford one at this time.

    • If they did the lower the price I would be more inclined in purchasing one. However at $500+ I just cannot justify the price, especially with the way phone technology has been changing.