Handmark’s ‘Winter Sports Live’ Helps Get Your Olympic On

The team over at Handmark has just released their next Android app, Winter Sports Live.  Based around the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the app provides real-time access to news, photos, scores, and more.  Beginning today, you can download the free application from the Android Market and monitor everything going down in Vancouver!

Features include:

  • Live from Vancouver – Top headlines, updated in real time
  • Competition News – Stories from individual events
  • Word on the Street – News, Scores and analysis
  • Picture of the Day – The day’s top moment in pictures
  • Photo Gallery – The best photos from the Games
  • Olympic Champions – Features on Olympic champs, past and present
  • Quotes of the Day – Top comments from participants and spectators

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You can also grab Winter Sports Live from Handmark directly by following this link.

  • Jonathan

    good app…from what I've seen so far. GREAT PICTURES!

  • Is it available outside the US? I have an HTC Hero but haven't received an SMS yet…

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