Camangi WebStation Slashes Price to $275

The Camangi team has shaved over 25% off of the price of their WebStation, knocking it down to $275.  However, it’s likely not enough of a discount to draw a substantial amount of attention.  It’s up against some steep competition this year as some major players get in the Mobile Internet Device (MID) game.   To make matters worse, some are rumored to be partnered up with carriers, which will give them added exposure.

It’s not like Webstation is a bad device, with its 7-inch screen and ebook capabilities.  It’s just not a stellar device with no standout features.  While’s there is plenty of room to make a name for yourself in this arena, we just can’t picture Camangi rising near the top of the list.

Source: BestTabletReview via Engadget

  • steve

    Camangi deceives customers by touting an internet tablet. The Camangi is a picture viewer with a touchscreen interface at best. Though it is packaged to look like a well built product, under the nifty case is cheap and unreliable technology. Problems you should expect when purchasing one of these devices: poor WiFi range (we experienced intermitten connection at 40 feet with no obstruction), GShock is unreliable and rebooting system is needed to correct orientation, usage between charges on 10 trials was under 1.5 hours with persistent use (and testing did not include higher power consumption i.e. video), and ~2.75 hours standing. 7 weeks after taking out of the box, the unit is dead which brings us to the question of Camangi as a company. We made numerous attempts to contact Camanagi and found them to be highly non responsive. In summary, Camangi would have to significantly improve the quality of it's product and demonstrate greater customer care before we would ever consider purchasing from Camangi.