ShowStoppers at Mobile World Congress 2010

ShowStoppers is a special event where companies can showcase their products in advance of a show. They had one for CES and there was one this evening in advance of Mobile World Congress. If this event give any indication of the trends for this year MWC, it will be rich for Android, here is an overview of the most interesting.

Nuance: They’re especially known for the Dragon Dictation for iPhone but they have also released speech recognition for Android. They are working mostly directly with operators but you will see their products very soon. They have a booth on the show so I will get more details on their work on Android.

Otter Box: A well known company that provides rugged boxes and covers. They have few Android devices covered (no pun intended) by their Commuter Series with more to come. They showed me the cover for the Droid/Milestone, it offers a good protection with each port (3.5 jack, USB) cover by rubber traps.

Opera Software: They were showing their browser Opera Mobile 10 on few devices but more notably for us on a Nexus One… This is still an early version, it won’t be available for a while, there is still lots of work to do but it looks great already, believe me!
It will have all the bells and whistles from the desktop version: tabs, speed dial,…

Skyfire: They’ve made the headlines few days ago when they bought Kolbisoft. They confirmed that they will have an Android version of their browser very soon. Nothing ready to show today but they mentioned that their app, when released, should work from Android 1.5 up to 2.1.

SugarSync: SugarSync is a system to backup, sync and access all kind of files (documents, music, photos,…) on the cloud, they have Windows and Mac clients but also one for Android devices. We had mentioned them a while ago but the application is now available on the market. A 2GB Free plan will allow to test the service but you have solutions from 30GB up to 250GB.

Dial2Do: Dial2Do is a number you can call (in handsfree mode) and request commands via voice. From simply sending a text message to tweet or listen to the weather. They have now an Android application which lets you listen to text messages (free version) or access to all services with a paid subscription.

Powermat: This is an ingenious system that will let you recharge your phone when placed on a mat. To do so you need a special battery and an adapted cover. They had few devices at ShowStoppers, for example a GSM HTC Hero, but more will be visible in their booth so I’ll make sure to pay them a visit to get more details for you.

ooVoo: ooVoo offers a solution for video chat with up to 6 persons. They aim to be better than Skype with a focus on call quality. The interesting news for Android is that they are going to have a partnership with one of the US carrier to have their solution embedded with an Android phone. They would not give more details for now but we’ll try to know more.

  • I have my doubts if wireless power like Powermat will be really big. You also have eCoupled that bought splashpower which has the same product as Powermat. They already had products out 5-6 years ago and still I haven't seen such a product in real life. Also the Powermat still needs a power cable and the lamest I think is the power cube. You put it on top of the powermat and then connect your device via a USB connector

  • Surely the biggest news items at MWC 2010 are:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini and mini pro
    Samsung Halo (or Beam or what every its called.) with its built in projector and 3d speaker system.
    And finally Adobe not only releasing Flash to the Android platform (sorry Apple, sorry Micro$oft), but the release of AIR as well.

  • [ooVoo: ooVoo offers a solution for video chat with up to 6 persons.] I would be very interested in hearing more about this and who the partner carrier might be. This app would essentially offer a global calling video chat solution…yes/no?

  • It would be nice if the PowerMat concept allowed the execution of commands: adb/fastboot, etc.

  • Dial2Do is Spam App

    Dial2Do should be taken off this list! It isn't a show-stopper, it's a phone-stopper. My MyTouch hasn't been the same ever since I made the mistake of installing it. It is beta software, alpha at best. The only thing it did was spam my contacts.

  • thnks a lot