The Astonishing Tribe’s ‘TAT Home’ Pours Flavor All Over Vanilla Android Experience


One of the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance, The Astonishing Tribe, has just announced their new TAT Home in Barcelona.    Touted as a “gesture-powered 3D Home screen” for stock Android, it adds a gorgeous interface to base experience.  Using TAT Home, users can pull up many common tasks including  messaging, music, weather, and contacts without actually leaving the home screen.

With their own unique widgets and 3D graphics, TAT Home gives Android an injection of sexiness that we’ve not seen yet. 

A quick rundown of the widgets created by TAT include:

  • Weather Widget — flip between a compact at-a-glance forecast and detailed data with a simple gesture;
  • Clock Widget — set the alarm in the most intuitive way and enjoy the ultra smooth wake up experience;
  • Messaging Widget — do your everyday tasks with SMS and MMS;
  • Music Widget – play your music from the small remote or flick into the immersive 3D album browser
  • Contacts Widgets – quickly select a contact from the grid of Faves with zero setup

There’s also a ‘Widget Fan’ that ties all of this together.  As you’ll see in the video below, it shows all panes of the Android home screen with widgets and shortcuts displayed.  Using their gesture-based design, it’s easy to jump from screen to screen or add shortcuts to apps and widgets anywhere on the phone.

We’re really in love with where the look and feel of Android is headed.  As evidenced with Cooliris’ photo gallery and this new TAT Home, the polish and glamor that we want out of Android appears to be right around the corner.  We can’t wait for an OEM or ODM to pick this up and run with it!


      • Always be wary of links ending with a period (or comma).
        Apparently, WordPress mis-interpreted the link.

        BTW, TAThome looks sexy althogh not necessarily consistent across widgets. Regardless, people will be happy using it and showing off, which is the most important I guess. 😉

        After designing the original Android UI it's nice to see TAT get to Android with their own product. I wonder if they'll go into developing more complex widgets or apps (like Email) or will stay within the simple-but-candy widgets domain.

  1. I want it! This is definitely the sweetest looking (and by the looks of it smoothest running) home app. The only problem is with how much (cool) stuff is on it, it's probably gonna take up a lot off memory.

  2. Crap, it won’t be released into the Market. They are trying to sell it to some phone vendor. Guess it’s dead in the water… and it looked so promising. No more User Experience demos are being given out either, so we’ll never get to see it again. Wish someone could kill all websites that demo it or talk about it as old “teasers” like this just clutter the internet for no good reason.

  3. Android is not coming hours. They are trying to OEMs to buy and have said they have no plans to launch on Android Market. Why is that the user plays around with the Facebook widget – TAT has done this or why they are playing around with it, as it is something they have done?


  4. Android is becoming Android is becoming the largest open-source software used for mobile devices. It’s operating system, middleware and applications are top notch and have several unique qualities that are unmatched by other mobile software. I wouldn’t be surprised if it blows Iphone out of the water.

  5. It will not be released to the market. They are trying to sell several of its phone suppliers. Guess it’s dead in the water … he looks very optimistic. No more demo user experience, or dispersed, so that we can not see it again. Hope someone can kill all of the sites, presentations, or talk about it like the old “teaser”because it is just no reason to clutter the Internet…thanks