Motorola CLIQ XT/Quench Officially Announced

The CLIQ‘s slimmer sibling, the CLIQ XT, was announced by Motorola this morning at Mobile World Congress. The CLIQ XT is a touch-only device, bearing many of the same features as the original CLIQ such as screen size, resolution, camera, MOTOBLUR, and Android 1.5. Upgrades to the CLIQ XT include LED flash, dual microphones for noise cancellation, Swype keyboard, and support for Adobe Flash Lite. Also new to the device is a navigational touch pad and “pinch and zoom” capabilities.

The press release indicates the CLIQ XT will be available next month exclusively through T-Mobile USA. Motorola did not reveal any additional info about upcoming updates to Android, so we can expect April at the soonest. Although, it would be a pleasant surprise to see the CLIQ XT shipped with Android 2.1.

Are you excited about the CLIQ XT? Is 2.1 a deal breaker? Let us know in the comments!

Source: CNET

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  1. Jessica
    February 15, 17:08 Reply

    I have the original Cliq, got it in October.. and I'm disappointed motorola would bring it back. Such a buggy phone and small screen in comparison to the others, this new one wastes so much space framing the screen in, Motorola didn't listen to their customer forums and make the physical modifications needed, this is now a mytouch with motoblur.. only smaller.. Disappointing Tmobile keeps getting the lower end Motorola's. The only thing the Cliq has going for it is Motoblur and that is likely what's causing the phone to not get updated to 2.1 any time soon (sorry April.. not soon enough for a buggy phone stuck on 1.5)

    • @teccan9nja
      February 15, 22:11 Reply

      I completely agree there are more than a couple bugs i keep coming across on my Cliq, especially with Blur itself. it doesnt like syncing to Myspace and a random event invitation will never leave my Happenings even when i actually delete the user who sent it.

    • pinoytutorial
      February 18, 19:35 Reply

      Look for the CLIQ XT to ship in black and white colors, similar to the two designs offered for the CLIQ. Early photos of the CLIQ XT showed the device in white and the leaked roadmap shows it in black.

      No price point has been announced, but expect something similar to the current T-Mobile CLIQ which debuted at $199 with 2 year agreement and now sits at $149. Feeds:

  2. Ratnok
    February 15, 17:14 Reply

    I agree with Jessica. T Mobile is getting the lower end Androids (except the Nexus One). I have no interest in a phone with less than 3.5 inch screen space, 1GB internal memory for app storage, and less than Android 2.1.

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  6. Charming Chick
    November 27, 13:53 Reply

    I am interested in upgrades to the CLIQ XT which include LED flash, dual microphones for noise cancellation, Swype keyboard, and support for Adobe Flash Lite. Thanks.

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