ACCESS Announces NetFront for Android

ACCESS CO., LTD., a company who specializes in helping carriers and handset makers speed up their time-to-market and develop best-in-class solutions, has announced that their NetFront technologies will now be supported for Android. In plain English, ACCESS will help make your Android handsets a little more unique with customize UI’s and preloaded apps.

ACCESS has been offering these types of solutions to developers on other platforms for quite some time, including BREW, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. As part of the new Android support, the NetFront technologies include NetFront Browser v3.5, NetFront FlexUI, NetFront Widgets and NetFront Document Viewer.

  • Dan

    does that mean that cool UI could be a home replacement for android?

    • I don't think so. I have used this same version on Windows Mobile and they don't offer home screen integration.

  • thanks for your sharing. nice info! i like it :p