Android 2.1 News and Weather App Ported to Android 1.5

While this might not exactly constitute news, many Android 1.5 users will be happy to know that the popular News and Weather app(which comes with a widget) in Android 2.1 has been ported to Android 1.5!  Also known as the “Genie Widget,” the News and Weather app has been available unofficially for Android 2.0 and 1.6 for quite some time now.  In fact, my wife is happily using one on her G1 as I write this this. As it is quite popular, many had wondered if it was available for Android phones that operate using 1.5 operating system.  Now, thanks to someone’s good work, we do! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the app,  it is the same Android 2.1 News and Weather app which provides both custom news and weather.  Within the widget users can choose to see just the weather forecast, just the news, or both the news and the weather.  As an HTC Hero owner, I can tell that the 1.5 port is fully functional and works great. Thanks XDA!  For those interested it can be found here!

Source:  XDA Developers

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  • andy

    The MOTO CLIQ already have these features(running 1.5 OS).

  • Why point to a site that points to another site which requires registration… all that to download one file.
    If you're promoting a ripped version of an Android app/widget, why don't you make an effort and upload it to DropBox or something?

    Here's a no-fuss download link:


    • Ethan

      I tried your link on my myTouch and it said the content wasn't supported on it.

      Also, is this app not in the market?

    • vnssa906

      downloaded it on mytouch but tells me no application can be found to open this file…

      • Did you get it yet? Have you installed it? If not I can help you.

  • Graeme

    Awesome! Just installed it on un-rooted HTC Hero on 1.5, works a treat! thanks very much 🙂

  • dood

    Nice app, it also needs DATE/TIME displayed on the widget itself for each instance.

  • I think its good that its ported as then people with lover versions can still use this amazing widget.

  • David

    when i try to download this app, it say

    what should i do

  • Ok…I do not know internet, building websites,,, blahblahblah lingo…sorry guys! But I do have a question about the news and weather app. I have a Droid, when I first choose the app and it opened on my wall it was like a bar across the top with weather forecast to the left and then it had event highlights that would change like ever10 seconds. I wanted this on my primary wall, so I sent it to the trash bin and moved it to my primary wall all I have now is the app icon. I want it back up as the bar across the top of my wall. I’ve opened the options and can’t seem to find what will make this change.for me. Please help me with this option, I really liked it…a….lot! Thanks in advance for your help.

  • User

    Bah, there is no way to select non-US news providers!

  • Alanna

    I own the T-Mobile G2. My experience is that this app is totally inaccurate when it comes to weather. Just today, it said the current temperatures was 70 degrees, when in reality, it as ~57. All other sources agreed that it was in the upper 50’s.