September 22, 2014

Dell Mini 5 is Actually A Huge Handset, not a MID

Up until now, we’ve been looking at the Dell Mini 5 as a mobile internet device (MID).  We’re going to have change our way of thinking as it’s actually being pitched more as a phone.  The feedback we’re hearing from around the way is that it’s being touted as a phone with a really large, 5-inch screen.  OK, we’re game.

Engadget was able to get some face time with both the handset as well as some Dell representatives.  In speaking with them, they learned that the device will not be Android 1.6  when it arrives, but rather “something newer.”  It’s not know exactly what version of Android it will be running, but logic tells us that 2.1 is the goal. It’s also being reported that Dell is working towards Flash compatibility.  We’d love to see a true web experience on a device this large, and Flash would go a long way to make that happen.

We’ve also learned that the Mini 5 features a 30-pin connector which is used for docking.  The dock will offer HDMI output, USB sync, and audio out.    We’re anxious to see how much the handset goes for, especially once subsidized.

At over an inch larger than the Nexus One screen, are any of you guys interested in a handset with a screen that large?

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