NPR News v1.2 Adds Live Station Streaming

Fans of NPR shows like Car Talk, Morning Edition, and Fresh Air will be pleased to learn that the official NPR app has been updated.  NPR News v1.2 lands barely a month after the first release hit the Android Market.  This is not your typical bug fix and patch update.  It adds a highly sought after feature – live station streaming!  With NPR News, users can search for stations by call letters or for specific programs and then connect to over 1,000 on-air, HD and on-demand streams from 600 NPR stations.  All of your favorites are there including All Things Considered and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!

Other features of the NPR News app include the ability to share stories over email, SMS, or Facebook, listening and/or reading your programs, and creating playlists.  And since we’re talking about Android here, the app can run in the background and keep playing while you catch up on email or browse the internet!  Look for NPR News v1.2  in the Android Market!

  • guest

    Why would anyone listen to NPR? Why not create conservative talk radio connection widgets, to shows like Rush, Hewitt, Prager, Medved, Church, Savage. Let's keep fair and balanced.

    • Big Baller

      Feel free to write your own app if you want to listen to those "fair and balanced" sources.

    • Brian

      I'm really praying that was sarcasm. You might perceive NPR to have a slight bias, but they bring guests on air from all over the political spectrum.

      More importantly, though, they are the only news source that still does thorough, in-depth journalism covering the entire world. Places like CNN and Fox News gloss the surface, when NPR drills down deep.

    • terry

      obviously because ‘Fair & Balanced’ is anything but fair and balanced

  • thanks for your sharing. nice info! i like it :p

  • Good thing they were able to share the update. Readers will be able to benefit something from NPR news.

  • It is nice listening about NPR News v1.2 which adds live station streaming. Other features of the app are also encouraging.