Photobucket’s Android App Features Automatic Uploads and More

Photo and video sharing site Photobucket has announced that their latest Android app provides the “first ever full imaging suite for mobile, complete with automatic upload, content management, and image search capabilities.”  The free app will make it easier for Android users to share their photos through the service which can then be used on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.  All photos taken can be automatically saved in the cloud should your phone ever become lost of stolen.

“By adding the ability to upload all camera phone photos automatically, the time consuming and confusing process of getting pictures off your phone has been rendered a thing of the past…Best of all, the service is available to anyone with an Android phone, absolutely free of charge.” -Tom Munro, President of Photobucket

This app is possible because of a recent merger with mobile imaging company Ontela.  Aside from automatic backup, the application also lets users browse their albums and popular photos from others.  Effective immediately, you can find the new Photobucket app in the Android Market.

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