Adobe AIR is Coming to Android

The news from Mobile World Congress keeps pouring in! We have learned that Adobe is currently in the process of readying a mobile version of Adobe Integrated Runtime for running  both Flash and Web applications outside of a browser.  Adobe expects to make mobile AIR available for Android and RIM BlackBerry devices, and perhaps for other platforms as well, said Adrian Ludwig, Adobe’s marketing director for the Flash platform.  Interestingly, the mobile version will provide users access to content they previously could not reach, Ludwig said. Users, for example, will be able to share screens across systems using the Adobe Acrobat Connect online service via AIR on mobile systems. “Our goal is to provide a consistent runtime that spans devices, inclusive of [mobile and] desktop operating systems,” he said.  For example, someone who uses an Adobe Air application on the desktop should in theory be able to use that application on a mobile platform provided the specs are there!  For those interested, take a look at the AIR demo below!


  • Zack

    They've been teasing us with Flash for almost two years now, and it's kind of ridiculous that with this Adobe Air, no one is actually saying WHEN!!!!

  • thanks for your sharing. nice info n nice video :p