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This is the time of year when pretty much every person on the planet is (hopefully still) committed to cutting down on their weight.  We’re out of the holidays and ready to focus on getting in summer shape.  So are there any Android applications to help keep you focused and on point?  Of course there are.  Plenty in fact.  There is one however that really caught our attention – Weight Journal.

Weight Journal is more than just your average weight tracking application.  With a simple yet classy interface, it offers charting, password protection,body mass index (BMI) calculation, notes and more!   Users can track their weight in pounds, kilos, and stone with accuracy up to a tenth of a unit.  Want to take your progress to a PC for more in-depth analysis?  There’s an option to import or export your journal in .CSV format.

Whereas the app typically sells for $1.99 in the Android Market,  you can get it at 99¢ for a limited time.

Want a FREE copy?

The developers behind Weight Journal, Shiny Happy, have allowed us to give away 10 copies for free.  All you have to do is leave us a comment with your full name below.  Once you’ve purchased the app, the amount will be credited back onto your card!   The first 10 to leave a comment with their name are eligible.

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  1. Ed Meng
    February 17, 06:13 Reply

    I'd like a free copy! Do I just go and purchase it on the Market now and wait for my card to be credited back?

  2. Keith
    February 17, 06:13 Reply

    Looks like a great app

  3. Bosco Woo
    February 17, 06:16 Reply

    This looks great while trying to get back into shape after the winter.

  4. Jarryd Crawford
    February 17, 06:16 Reply

    My first comment doesn't have appeared to have worked, trying again.

    • Jarryd Crawford
      February 17, 06:19 Reply

      Awwwr what, I was 2nd to post and it didn't work >:( Jipped hardcore.

    • Tyson Waters
      February 17, 01:31 Reply

      My name is Tyson Waters. How will I know if you are counting me in first 10?

  5. Nigel
    February 17, 01:16 Reply

    Count me in need to lose 20kg

  6. kathy
    February 17, 06:18 Reply

    Always looking for a good weight loss app.

  7. beatleskid7
    February 17, 06:22 Reply

    Ha, I was too busy watching the video off of the first post to see about commenting to get the app

  8. Ryan
    February 17, 06:44 Reply

    I need to lose 90 lbs

  9. Ben
    February 17, 06:52 Reply

    Ben Tolmachoff. Hope I get in

  10. Doug Mark
    February 17, 08:01 Reply

    Hi, if there are still any free copies left I'd love to use this to help me out in loosing some weight.

  11. Candace
    February 17, 14:38 Reply

    I really need this! I've just started my workout plan!…. Since you said first 10 people to leave their full name gets a free copy (and many have not left their full name) I'm hoping I can still get in… 😉

    Full Name: Candace Smith

  12. Lallo
    February 17, 16:26 Reply

    I've been trying to lose weight! Please pick me!

  13. ptterb
    February 17, 17:28 Reply

    This app looks great! I also suggest to anyone (like me) trying to lose weight right now who follows weight watchers that there are some great points calculators in the Market. I made one called Points, so check it out!

  14. ptterb
    February 17, 17:43 Reply

    This app looks great! I also suggest to anyone (like me) trying to lose weight right now who follows weight watchers that there are some great points calculators in the Market. I made one called Points, so check it out!

  15. chris
    February 17, 21:50 Reply

    I prefer Wii Fit Plus to track my weight…

  16. Ken
    February 18, 04:11 Reply

    Any chance there's yet one extra copy?

  17. Quality Solutions
    April 07, 17:13 Reply

    that looks like a great app. keep track of weight loss if really difficult.

  18. eka
    July 18, 05:00 Reply

    thanks for your sharing. nice info! i like it :p

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