Fast-Acting Hacker Makes Nexus One More ‘Desire’-able

Paul O’Brien, founder of MoDaCo, has been a busy little boy.  In what feels like only a matter of hours, he’s been able to flash an unofficial ROM from the HTC Desire onto a Nexus One.  And just to prove things, he snapped a pic of it in action.

According to Paul, it almost everything is operational and Adobe’s Flash 10.1 “works well” so far.  It took a little juggling and tweaking (removing some code), but he’s been able to run it without issues. Among the items he’s confirmed to be working are, the trackball, the 4 bottom keys, proximity sensor, LED, light sensor, compass and G sensor.  Heck the camera;s face recognition and touch focus work too!

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As of now, he has decided not to release this ROM into the wild because of a watermark found within its walls.  Fret not though, as we can’t be that far off from the full-fledged ROM. Sit tight you rooted Nexus One owners!

  • This is great work. Is he going to share the procedure and his additional work with the community?

  • nice post. thank you so much for sharing. i like it :p

  • Thanks! I'm looking forward to the follow up.