Google CEO: “60,000 Android Devices a Day”

In a keynote speech at Mobile World Congress, Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave us a glimpse into exactly how many Android phones are moving right now.

“We are now shipping more than 60,000 Android devices in the Android industry per day and that number has doubled over the last quarter.  The growth rate is accelerating and we hope the growth rate, as well as the demand, will continue for a very long time.” – Eric Schmidt

We’ve been hearing for the last year or so how Android keeps growing and gaining on other platforms.  Whether it’s AdMob, Flurry, or another company telling us, we hadn’t heard any hard numbers.  Up until now, it’s all estimates and guesswork.  At the current pace, this equates to nearly 22 million Android phones poised to ship in 2010.  What happens when we factor in all the new devices announced at MWC in addition to those still considered rumors?

  • Rene

    Wow, those are a lot. And I think the big wave of devices that appeal to a wider audience is yet to come. Next to that there is the rollout out the second generation/super phones that still needs to spread global.

    m/s^2 indeed!

  • Being the competitiveness of the markets today, you can't blame Google for trying to expand its business into other markets. Search has taken Google to the level they're at today, but what will keep them there tomorrow is what they're trying to figure out. Kudos to Google!!

    • Beto

      Yep. Right on. And whats giving them an even bigger push is them going mobile. Can you imagine all those devices with Android/Google branding and apps. More units moved, more revenue from us to them. A ton of surfing is going on with phones these days.

  • Sebastian

    Google – the future Tyrell Corporation?

  • Ratnok

    What’s more important than what numbers shipped is what numbers sold. That is the real deal.

  • That's an impressive amount of shipments it has to be said. Android does sound quite exciting, and I agree with the comment above, but it would be interesting to see how their sales compare with their estimates?


  • yeah great move google..

  • eka

    thanks for your sharing. nice info! i like it :p

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