See What Happens When Google’s ‘Goggles’ and ‘Translate’ Converge [VIDEO]

Google Goggles is an excellent concept – take a picture of something with your phone and get the same search results you would have were you to do a traditional search.  See a bridge or monument and want to learn the name?  SNAP!

Admittedly, the mobile app for Android has some kinks to work out, but the promise is there.  The same can be said for Google Translate.  Run a website or block of text through their tool and have it exported into another language.  We use it quite a bit for mobile tech sites that are done in German, French, etc.  We simply run it past the Translate tool and it’s transcribed to English.  While this could be improved, it’s already more than just convenient.  It’s downright helpful.

So what happens when the two collide?  What can be done when optical character recognition (OCR) and real-time translation meet up?

Here’s a video of a Google engineer scanning a menu written in German.  Goggles provides a rather quick translation into English.  We can imagine this having plenty of practical uses in the real world – traffic signs, landmarks, products, etc.

Source: Android Central via Androinica

  • thescarletnecklace

    So will this go under the alias of Goggles or Translate? Very interesting concept, I would just like to know what name to search for when the time comes.

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