HTC Legend Coming to Google’s Android Store?

Will HTC’s new Legend handset end up in the Google Android store with the Nexus One?  Sindre Lia, of infoSync thinks it’s a possibility and we’re inclined to agree. One of the things mentioned when the Google store was unveiled is that other handsets will be sold through the channel as long as they brought something ‘unique’ to the portal.  Looking at the Legend, we see plenty of things that differentiate it from the Nexus One, making it a potential store candidate.

  • The Legend more than fills the gap between feature phones and super phones while the Nexus One sits near the top of the food chain.
  • A lower price point could attract more eyeballs to the store
  • The two phones have distinctive designs likely to appeal to completely different users
  • The Nexus One offers the stock Android experience whereas the Legend features Sense UI

When the HTC Legend was announced, HTC said that there were no immediate plans to offer it here in the United States.  That could mean two things – a US version could come later (a la Sprint‘s Hero) or it could be made available through the store without any carrier attached.

As of now, we can only guess as to what phones will arrive in the Google store.  We’re aware of Motorola‘s plans to offer something through the channel, but beyond that, your guess is as good as ours.  Or as good as Sindre Lia’s.

  • AndyH_STi

    Google, please make it so!

  • mmm, I think what was mentioned in the Google Phone Store announcement was that it had to be a phone in which Google was going to be part of the development and design. I really don't see a SenseUI device being in the Google Phone Store to be honest. I don't think Google themselves like SenseUI very much, and don't see this happening since it will mean they admit senseUi is better than vanilla, or something like that. I just really really don't see it happening, shoot me if it does 😉

  • My guess is that only "by Google" phones with no custom UI/apps will be sold on the Google Store.
    Will see.

  • This another version of HTC Hero
    Very cool android Phone and you can see more photos of HTC Legend here:

  • eka

    that’s awesome!