LogMeIn Ignition Coming Soon to Android


LogMeIn is in Barcelona this week giving demonstrations of their new Ignition service for Android. Although not available yet for consumers to download or purchase, interested parties can sign up for more information on LogMeIn’s Ignition page. So what exactly does the application do? In a nutshell, it lets users remotely access their files and apps from anywhere, at any time.

Some of the features include:

  • Remotely control computers from their Android smartphone: Access and control a remote PC or Mac, including all the files and applications on it, from an Android smartphone.
  • View online collaboration session:  Users can be invited to view the desktops of others from their Android device.

If you happen to be in Barcelona this week, swing by their stand at 1G31 at Mobile World Congress.  Additional information about LogMeIn Ignition for Android is available at www.LogMeIn.com/Android.


  1. If you don't want to wait PhoneMyPC is available now and is an awesome solution. I use it all the time to access my computer remotely on my Android phone.