Mondial Telecom Seeking Beta Testers for Mobile to Mobile Convergence App

One of my favorite things to do with AndroidGuys is put developers and enthusiasts in touch with each other in whatever capacity I can.  Often that comes in helping developers and software teams find beta testers for their applications.  Such is the case with Mondial Telecom and their new Android service. 

A representative/developer for the Mondial Telecom team reached out to us today to see if we could help gather some folks interested in testing a mobile-to-mobile convergence app.  Called Cherry MMC, the service combines VOIP and GSM calling.   Wherever you have WiFi available, calls are made via VOIP.  For those times when it’s not available, it uses GSM.  The user will not see a difference as everything is handled transparently.

One of the key features is their handoff capability.  Say for instance you start a call on WiFi but find the signal getting worse or completely dropping.  Cherry MMC detects your connection and does a seamless handover to the GSM network. Same goes for the other way.  Calls originating on GSM can be handed off once a user gets within range of a WiFi connection.

If you’d like to be among the first 250 Android users to try this out, head to the contact page and fill out the form.  By doing so, participants get 5 hours of calling credit per month for two months!

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