SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 for Android [VIDEO]


Ever since my days of the T-Mobile MDA, I’ve been a fan of SPB.  Thanks to them, I was actually able to stomach Windows Mobile.  Between their apps and user interface enhancements, I was always looking forward to their next title.  In fact, I was somewhat sad to bid them farewell when I migrated to Android.  I wondered I would ever see widgets or full-fledged apps  like Time, Weather, or Traveler on my Android handsets.  It pleased me to learn that the company was in Barcelona this week to talk about their new SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 for my favorite platform.

The folks at AndroidCentral were able to spend a few minutes playing with the application and, based off of a few minutes of video, I love it.  The great thing about SPB’s stuff is that it sits on top of the phone and doesn’t require rooting or any hacking background.  Simply install and run it.  The same goes for the new Shell 5.0 for Android.

As evidenced in the video below, this app really adds a lot of flavor to whatever Android experience your handset offers.  One of the best parts about this app is how it can be updated by the developer and not entire ROM flash.

Look for a price and availability announcement from SPB over the coming months!


  1. I also loved SPB products and especially the Mobile Shell when I used WM phones. I've been waiting for the day when they brought the Shell to Android. This is very good news!

  2. man this looks awesome. really wish it was out now lol. sucks that it could be up to a year's wait.

    hope it's not too expensive either. though if they make the home screen sliding smoother and it works perfectly on a mytouch 3g it's a guaranteed buy for me.

  3. Hey ..i have Samsung Galaxy (Android phone). I want to donload free application and freeware for it. I need SPB mobile shell v5.0 but i cant find it anywhere on net. pls help. reply.tnx.

  4. It looks almost exactly like SPB MS 3 for WinMo.. obviously some new features, but the whole reason I loved MS was because it looked and for the most part acted like an Android home screen.. I don’t really see a need for that on the Android platform.. The carousel a nice piece of eye candy, but that’s all it is — eye candy.. The expose functions in Sense and Launcher Pro (probably one of the best home screen replacements for Android, and IMO, THE best) is just as good and maybe even better since you don’t have to spin a carousel to get to the page you want.

    It definitely looks neat, though, and if I was still on WinMo, I’d pick it up in a heart beat.. but it won’t sway me from Launcher Pro (Plus) now that I’m on Android.

  5. always liked the features of mobile shell but it always looks like a kid drew it. lol. they are using the same look from when i had this on my tp1 YEARS AGO!! it looks kind of cheesy IMO. get better artists or whatever and it will KNOCK!!

  6. I have an ipod touch, that i have installed idroid on(the idroid project) and i want spb mobile shell on my ipod touch, Anyone now how i can get it? Reply plz!? Thanks

  7. I’ll believe it when I see it. I have been waiting anxiously since I migrated away from WinMo. Apparently it has been available for OEM’s for some time but not as a download for consumers.

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