Sprint Readying Android 2.1 for Early Q2

Many of the new handsets being unveiled this week are being announced with Android 2.1 installed as the OS.  Invariably, this is the time where current Android owners start wondering about their own phones and when they might see an update to the latest release.  Sprint customers with Hero and Moment handsets had been previously advised to look for an update in the first half of 2010.  Thanks to a tweet from the carrier, we know a little bit more.

Android update! Upgrades to 2.1 for Hero/Moment now expected early 2Q10. Currently working through options for upgrades w/ HTC and Samsung. – via twitter

The first tweet indicates the “when” as being early in the quarter.  We’re assuming (hoping) that this means April.  As to how the update will work, that’s yet to be ironed out.  It could be an over-the-air update similar to what T-Mobile’s done for their handsets.  On the other hand, it may be a case where users are directed to a local Sprint store instead.

OTA vs. PC-based or in-store upgrade are “still TBD upgrade options” referenced in Android 2.1 tweet (working through w/ manufacturers) – via twitter

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  1. charles .s
    February 17, 16:38 Reply

    So are we suppose to believe that news. Sprintpcs never cared about their customer nor their phones. As for me am still regretting having a phone with Sprint. Can't wait to have a droid that gets almost all the updates.

    • biggyT
      February 17, 20:07 Reply

      well the new phones HTC is readying for Sprint will wow you, most likely the best android phones that will hit the market this year. Do a search for Supersonic or Scorpion…Sprint readying a flagship phone 4G enabled

      • RDB
        February 17, 21:11 Reply

        I'm from Missouri, just show me the baby. I don't wanna here the labor.

  2. doel
    July 18, 04:56 Reply

    thanks for your sharing. nice info!

  3. Eric Piluden
    October 07, 22:13 Reply

    It is better if you will show the product of sprint so that people will not expect and ending up with disappointment and regret if they did not really like it.

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