“Google Shopper” Hits the Market


Google Shopper, a new app from Google Labs, hit the market tonight. This new app should cause the developers of ShopSavvy and other barcode reading shopping apps sweat a little bit.

With Shopper, you can not only scan barcodes but also look up products by taking a picture of them (as you can with Amazon’s app) as well as by voice.

Results include detailed product specs, pricing, and links to sellers.  Products you look up can be saved to a history and shared via email, Twitter, etc.

Google’s intro video for Shopper shows it in action:

Edit: Embedding is disabled on the video, but here’s a link to it.

If you’ve tried Shopper, let us know how you like it. Do other shopping app developers have reason for concern?

A hat tip to AndroidAndMe for the news that the app is available.


  1. its pretty good… unlike shop savvy though, it doesn't show real stores that carry the product, just online retailers.

    out of curiosity, are there any other barcode scanners that people out there prefer instead of shop savvy?

    • Well for pics it says it will work with "cover art": books, dvds, cds, etc. Seems like barcodes should work. Did it recognize the bar code but return no results or not recognize the bar code?