October 31, 2014

HipLogic Live Coming to Android

The great thing about the Android operating system is that it makes it easy to customize it to fit you. If you’re like me, the standard Donut 1.6 three home screens never satisfied my “customization needs.” I was always looking for new and different home replacement apps for my MyTouch. A company by the name of HipLogic creates User Interface apps for Windows Mobile and Symbian and is now coming to Android devices this quarter. They are bringing a new way to manage your messages, news, and even your widgets. They want you to reach all your information in one touch.

HipLogic’s Android Interface offers:

  • Customization that enables operators to differentiate their services
  • The ability to update the services and applications on the device “over the air”
  • Data optimization by delivering content in a highly compressed format when compared to HTM